The Pill and Pheromones


Science tells us that generally women do not like the way men smell unless they are ovulating. Very light cologne or aftershave isn’t a bad idea when dating. During the fertile time of month women tend to be attracted to male scents (pheromones, HLA genes) that tell them who is most compatible with their immune systems. The more diverse and dissimilar a guy’s immune system is from a gal’s, the more attractive his BO is to her when she might be hunting out sperm to fertilize her egg. After all, if she’s going to go through the trouble of having a rug rat, she’ll want a healthy strong one who can withstand all of the germs, pollutants, viruses, etc. in the environment.

Some research has shown that the pill seems to interfere with this pheromone selection process. Pill-packing people may pick poor partners from a bio diversity perspective. Women on the pill find scents that indicate similar HLA genes, such as Cousin Charlie, instead of new guy, Ned. Some psychologists will recommend going off the pill for a few months before shopping for Mr. Right-Daddy.

The good news is that once you fall in love with someone, their scent miraculously becomes perfume-like regardless of their HLA Genes. Emotional attachment trumps it all, except for a guy wearing half a bottle of any cologne, no matter how expensive it is- yuck.