The “P” spot- the male “G” spot


The other day I gave a talk to couples about sexuality and someone asked me what a “P” spot was and without thinking I assumed they were talking about the “G” spot in women, since that is the question I am usually asked. However, what I believe they were asking about is the male “G” spot which is the term most often used; “P” spot is correct but it is a term less frequently used.

The male “G” spot is located internally which is about 2 inches inside the anus on the front wall of the rectum, just below the bladder. This is where the walnut sized prostate gland is located, and stimulating this gland can produce a much more intense orgasm for the man. Many men feel shy about having their prostate massaged but once they get over the hurdle of embarrassment many men enjoy the experience immensely.

Please remember that cleanliness is very important when anal play is involved. Make sure to wash your hands and especially the penis if there is to be vaginal penetration after anal sex. This will prevent infections.