The Overlooked Hormones

Oxytocin and Vasopressin

Most of us know that the 4 primary sexual hormones, Estrogen, Progesterone,  Testosterone and Androgen, are crucial for the healthy functioning of our bodies in both males and females. We produce these hormones in different amounts depending on an individual’s gender. Females have higher amounts of Estrogen and Progesterone but also have Testosterone and Androgen in their bodies. Males have small amounts of Estrogen and Progesterone as well as Testosterone and Androgen, the primary male hormones.

There are two other important hormones; they are Oxytocin, the hormone of “love” and Vasopressin, the hormone of “loyalty or pair bonding”. These hormones have a short half­life and are produced and released in the blood stream during sexual play, reaching their highest levels at the time of orgasm. These two hormones are important because they promote sexual motivation and pleasure, as well as pair bonding in both males and females.

Oxytocin increases arousal in both men and women, so allow plenty of time for oxytocin production during foreplay. (Quickies are ok if you already have a strong relationship). High levels of Oxytocin, especially in women, enhance the feelings of closeness which may be a strong predictor of sexual motivation. Vasopressin is crucial for male arousal and promotes emotional bonding and sexual pleasure. It might be said that Vasopressin counterbalances Testosterone, the hormone of “lust”. Regular intimacy with the male’s partner elevates Vasopressin production which will help motivate him to come home to his mate rather than seek out other sexual partners. (Heads up, ladies)

To sum up this brief overview of hormones and sex; hormones are crucial for the functioning of many different systems in the body but they are not the whole story when it comes to sex. Mother Nature helps out with hormone production but, after all, our biggest sex organ is between our ears. In other words, hormones help us when it comes to sexual desire and satisfaction but a strong healthy relationship out of bed can lead to much more frequency and pleasure in bed and vice versa.