Erectile Dysfunction Facts


Most people don’t know the mechanics of penile erections so therefore, they have trouble understanding erectile dysfunction. Oh yes, most people know that blood becomes trapped in the penis when it is stimulated, just like a balloon becomes hard when air is trapped inside. What is ironic is that when a penis is in a flaccid state the erectile tissue is actually in a moderate state of contraction, which allows just enough blood flow to keep the penile tissue alive and healthy. When sexually stimulated, the smooth muscles inside the penis actually relax. This relaxation allows more blood to flow into the area, causing tumescence (a fancy way to say: the penis will swell and become erect).

While the above description is very basic, it serves as a starting point for understanding erectile dysfunction. It also illustrates how “trying harder” (excuse the pun) to have an erection can only worsens the problem. Most muscles in the body become harder when you tense-up or flex them, and therefore many men try to follow their natural inclination to tense up when trying to obtain an erection. However, tensing the muscles in the pelvis, abdomen, and legs only restricts blood flow to the area and makes it even more difficult to achieve the desired result.

Remember, the smooth muscles need to relax in order to allow the penis to fill with blood and become hard. Erections are best achieved when the man is relaxed and enjoying the sensations of arousal. By allowing your penis the freedom to become erect in its own good time, you can have a better sexual experience. Tumescence cannot be forced, willed, or hurried along, so sit back and allow your penis to do its own thing, in its own good time. Actually, in this respect the penis is a lot like a woman!